Dentures in Mishawaka

Today’s Options Look More Natural than Ever

Replacing missing teeth is very important to the shape of your face, your confidence, and of course, it makes eating a whole lot easier. Today’s options for dentures look and feel better than ever. Our dental technician has over 60 years of experience crafting dentures and partials. He has helped plenty of patients regain their smiles. His skills are unmatched in the industry. Dr. Mighion in Mishawaka, IN can help you explore options like dentures and alternatives and ensure you receive a fully functional smile that you aren’t afraid to show the world.
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New or Replacement Dentures

Do you have ill-fitting dentures? Your face does change, over time, and if you have had your dentures for some time and they no longer fit properly, we can help you explore new dentures. Do you have a mouth filled with severely decayed teeth that causes you discomfort and embarrassment? Dr. Mighion offers gentle dentistry in a comfortable and stress-free environment. We can even provide sedation dentistry options to make you even more comfortable if extractions are needed prior to new dentures being crafted for you.

In addition to dentures, we can help with other options, too, such as partial bridges, implant-supported dentures (that offer more stable dentures), and dental implants for those who want to replace one or more teeth with something permanent.

A new and improved smile could give you a new and improved sense of self-confidence. Book a consultation to learn more about options available to you. Dr. Mighion’s office can also help you explore dental financing options.

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Dr. George A. Mighion, Mishawaka Cosmetic and Family Dentist

Dr. Mighion is well-known as a gentle dentist offering a wide variety of specialized services. He and his team can help you with all of your dental issues. Need oral cancer screening, a gum assessment, non-surgical periodontal treatment, help with snoring or migraine headaches? Talk to us and we would be happy to set up an appointment for you.