Dental Bridges

A Great Option for Missing Tooth Replacement

Available from Mishawaka Dentist Dr. Mighion
A dental bridge literally bridges a gap in the mouth between teeth. If you are looking at options to replace missing teeth, dental bridges can be a great option, by using neighboring teeth to anchor a custom-crafted artificial tooth in place. A dental bridge often consists of an artificial tooth in the middle of two dental crowns that stabilize that artificial tooth. A cantilever dental bridge is used when stabilization is required on one side only.
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Replace Missing Teeth

Dental bridges offer great support and can blend seamlessly, looking completely natural. Dr. Mighion has a great track record of satisfied dental bridge patients and can offer alternatives, as well.

If you have missing teeth or severely decayed tooth that cannot be saved, it’s important to replace it as soon as possible so that it doesn’t impact neighboring teeth, which will shift and / or which will take on extra wear and tear to compensate for the missing tooth while you chew. Bone loss can occur quickly and before long, your face shape can even change, making you look older than you are.

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Another alternative for replacing missing teeth are dental implants, which you can also explore at our dental office as well as implant supported bridges.

Are You Interested in Exploring Options for Replacing Missing Teeth?

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