Orthodontic Services in Mishawaka, IN

When looking for a better way to straighten your smile, our orthodontic services in Mishawaka, IN get the job done. George A Mighion DDS provides our clients with modern and innovative treatments to give them the smile they deserve. Most often, there is nothing that you have done to cause teeth to come in crooked, and we have a solution that can discreetly and swiftly rectify the issues. Orthodontics is about something other than aesthetics, too. There can be health benefits received from straightening your teeth. Please give us a call today and schedule your initial consultation.
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Health Benefits of Orthodontics

As mentioned, a straighter smile has plenty of other benefits than better photos and confidence. You’ll also be able to chew better and more evenly while improving your speech patterns. By aligning your teeth, we can also help lower the risk of gum disease and tooth decay. Call us today to learn more and begin your journey to a better smile.