Non Surgical Periodontics Therapy

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Helping Patients Fight Gum Disease Without Surgery

Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease or periodontitis, is progressive and destructive, harming your smile as well as impacting other areas of your health. The oral systemic connection is very serious as oral bacteria has links to many systemic diseases and can significantly raise your risk of heart attack and stroke as well as cause other health problems.

Early intervention offers the best possible outcome with gum disease and the ability to leverage minimally invasive options, such as non-surgical periodontal therapy. While scaling and root planing, a careful and deep cleansing of the gums and their pockets, is often used in periodontal therapy, Dr. Mighion’s Mishawaka, Indiana dental office also leverages cutting edge Ozone Therapy in periodontal therapy.

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Ozone Therapy leverages the power of O3 to eradicate oral bacteria. Used increasingly in small dental caries as well as in helping with sensitive teeth, it’s a highly effective tool in Dr. Mighion’s arsenal against destructive periodontal disease. It’s also a pain-free option that promotes remineralization of teeth and increased immune function due to the delivery of oxygen.

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Dr. Mighion believes in preventative dentistry and strives to help patients avoid the dangerous destructive power of gum disease, which can extend beyond tooth loss and gum pain. If you have signs of gum disease, such as bleeding gums, tenderness, redness, or other changes in the appearance of your gums or you haven’t had a gum assessment in some time, schedule an dental examination.

Those diagnosed with periodontal disease will receive customized dental care based on their unique needs as well as their medical history, as conditions, such as Diabetes, can exacerbate gum disease. Periodontal maintenance is typically recommended, to help diabetic patients more closely monitor gum health.

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In some cases, a Mishawaka periodontist referral is necessary for more advanced periodontal cases but with advancements in dental technology, you could be a great candidate for non-surgical periodontal treatments offered at Dr. Mighion’s office.