Dental Cancer

Don't Neglect Your Gums

Is your gum health putting you at increased risk for Cancer? Those who aren’t proactive about gum health could be at increased risk for a variety of health risks and diseases, including types of Cancer.
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Cancers associated with gum disease include pancreatic cancer, blood and kidney cancers, and closely related is also stomach cancer due to the connection between untreated ulcers and H. Pylori bacteria to periodontitis.

There are more signs than ever that point to neglected oral health putting people at risk for a variety of health problems. There’s also the fact that with modern dentistry, your smile can last a lifetime if it’s taken care of. Whether you need preventative dentistry or cosmetic dentistry to restore your smile, our priority at Dr. Mighion’s office is first and foremost, your health.

We screen for oral cancer and we examine your gums for signs of gum disease so that you can be proactive about periodontal health. If you receive a gum disease diagnosis, there are a variety of things that can help.

Treatment for Periodontal Disease

Dr. Mighion is a cosmetic and family dentist serving Mishawaka, IN and the surrounding area. Depending on your prognosis and any other health issues that are present, a periodontal treatment recommendation will be made and a periodontal maintenance program will also be recommended. At Dr. Mighion’s office, we opt for minimally invasive treatments wherever possible and there are non-surgical options to treat periodontal disease, depending on how far it has progressed.

Are You Doing Enough to Lower Your Chances of a Cancer Diagnosis?

Many people quit smoking, change their eating and drinking habits, and begin exercise to reduce their risk of Cancer as they get older, as they see others in their life affected by the disease, or because they know there’s the chance of inheriting it due to the prevalence of Cancer in their family. In order to maximize your chances of avoiding a Cancer diagnosis, oral health must be part of your plan. We can help.