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Innovative Dental Technology in Mishawaka, IN

George A Mighion DDS and his team in Mishawaka, IN use dental technology to provide your entire family with the best dental services available in the industry. We remain at the forefront of modern and innovative dental practices to make the experience more enjoyable and deliver better results. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the latest devices and solutions to provide accurate diagnosis and comfortable care in a more efficient manner. Call today to schedule your consultation.
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Bringing Dentistry Into the Modern Era

By utilizing the latest dental technology, our patients can rely on us to receive the best dental care designed with them in mind. Check out all of our modern dental technology and see how we can help you and your family:

Digital X-rays

These machines allow us to deliver proper diagnosis by seeing into your mouth and discovering the problem. We can instantly get results from the photo imaging on our computers and do not need to rely on outdated printing sheets. They also provide clearer images using 80% less radiation to do so.

Cone Beam/Full Panoramic

Cone Beam 3D scans allow us to get a fuller picture of what’s happening with your oral issues. We can more accurately locate the problem and develop a treatment plan to cure what ails you. Our Panoramic option gives our staff a broader view of what’s happening in your jaws, teeth, sinuses, and joints.

Dexis Carivu

Instead of using pictures, this device allows us to see any cracks or lesions from decay. We can locate the trouble area using a safe light near the infrared spectrum to create a treatment plan. Tooth enamel appears translucent, while the cracks or breaks reveal dark patches.

Acoustic Pharyngometer Rhinometer

With this tool, we can help patients treat their sleep apnea by measuring the size, structure, and collapsibility of the oral and nasal airways while they sleep. Once mapped out, we provide the best treatment possible to ensure their health and a good night's rest.

Perio Protect

Using a custom-built tray molded to your teeth and gums, you can deliver periodontal medication into places floss, rinse, and toothbrushes can’t reach. The beauty is you can use them at home to continue treatment without coming back into our office for repeated visits.

Laser Dentistry

If you are worried about needles and drills, laser dentistry is the most effective way to have us deliver the necessary treatments for the health of your teeth and gums. No longer will you need to rely on anesthesia when preparing for cavity treatments. This device has helped us make patients much more comfortable in our office and has even increased the number of times they visit. They have also been more inclined to get their children to receive dental services without issue. This device gives our team the ultimate amount of control and precision to deliver blood-free hard or soft tissue procedures with minimal discomfort and incredible recovery times.


StellaLife® makes oral health and pain management solutions that improve dental patients’ experiences. We believe that better oral health comes from better ingredients and better formulations.


CariVu is a portable caries detection device that uses patented technology to support the identification of occlusal, interproximal and recurrent carious lesions and cracks.


AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master is the latest EMS innovation for "Guided Biofilm Therapy." It’s a unique solution for cavities, periodontal prevention, and maintenance. This machine has been designed with the highest performance, safety, and comfort standards.


We have the ultimate control when it comes to delivering your new dental implants. The process has never been easier or more precise thanks to the cone beam 3D imaging capabilities. It can also help with extraction and sinus elevation procedures.

Intra Oral Scanner

Thanks to this innovative handheld device, we can present an immediate 3D impression of your teeth, gums, and dental bite while explaining the services needed. You’ll be able to go over all the trouble areas with your dentist and better understand what services you need for better oral health.


Using fluorescence technology, this new device gives us a better look at oral mucosal abnormalities, such as oral cancer and pre-cancerous tumors. You no longer need to worry about exposure to radioactive waves or wear protective clothing during dental examinations.

TVs in All Rooms

All of our dental examination rooms come equipped with a TV to create a calming environment. We can watch whatever you want to help maintain your nerves while receiving the dental treatments necessary to maintain your smile.

Intra Oral Camera

We have one of these cameras in each examination room. The Intra Oral Camera allows the patient to see what the doctor is looking at during the examination. A picture is worth a thousand words!

Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy harnesses the healing power of ozone gasses to eliminate cavity-causing bacteria. It can also reverse the effects to prevent further issues with your smile. It also helps us avoid using drills, which can cause some patients concerns and may prevent them from visiting our dental office. We can also use these therapeutic gasses to treat root canals and periodontal disease. This is only one tool in our arsenal that helps create a more comfortable environment for you to complete your oral care and have the best smile possible. It works great for anyone in the family and is especially helpful with youth who become anxious when drills and other loud tools are used.