Six Month Smile

How Dr. Mighion Can Help You Get a Straighter Smile in About 6 Months

Are you looking for an alternative to metal braces in the Mishawaka, IN area? Six Month Smiles could be the answer to a smile you can feel good about. Orthodontic treatment advances have made it possible for people to get a significantly improved smile without the drawbacks of metal braces, which include time, money, and discomfort. Six Month Smiles are a fast and discreet alternative to braces that can straighten the most visible teeth in your smile in about 6 months. Find out if you are a good candidate for Six Month Smiles by making an appointment with Dr. Mighion to review your options.
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six month smile
six month smile
six month smile

How Does Six Month Smiles Work?

Six Month Smiles uses tooth-colored brackets and white arch wire to gently move the most prominent teeth (the ones in your smile) to a more aligned position.

This option deals with cosmetic alignment of teeth and won’t correct complex orthodontic problems. For this reason, it’s best to carefully review this option with a dentist to ensure you have realistic expectations of what this treatment can accomplish for you. Dr. Mighion would be happy to discuss pros and cons of Six Month Smiles as it relates to your specific smile.

6 Month Smiles Benefits

There are multiple reasons why people are increasingly looking at Six Month Smiles over alternatives, such as metal braces or clear aligners. The subtlety of this design makes 6 Month Smiles much less noticeable than braces. This is considered an advantage for those who are image-conscious, particularly teens or young adults. Almost invisible, you won’t mind smiling during treatment. With an average treatment time of Six Months, you can look forward to a straighter smile that you can feel confident about.

Six Month Smiles costs much less than traditional braces and with a significantly shorter time commitment of spending time in an orthodontist’s chair for adjustments. While this option isn’t right for everyone and will not fix some issues that are best suited to braces, many people can benefit from this alternative to metal braces. Because most patients completed treatment within 4-8 months, the system is great for those who’d like a better smile fast, whether for a wedding, reunion, or other big life event.

Why Choose Dr. George Mighion for Six Month Smiles in Mishawaka, IN?

Dr. Mighion and his Mishawaka, IN dental team love helping patients feel great about their smiles. We strive to help you achieve your goals of healthy teeth and gums as well as a smile that you can feel confident about. We also offer dental financing options to remove cost as a barrier to get the restorative or cosmetic dental treatment you want.

Book a no-obligation consultation to learn more about Six Month Smiles and other cosmetic dentistry options that could give you something to smile about. Contact us at 574-256-1579 to book your appointment. Check out our smile gallery for before and after photos of 6 Month Smiles patients and other cosmetic dentistry / smile makeovers.