Mishawaka, IN Gum Disease Treatment

The Mishawaka, Indiana cosmetic and family dental practice of Dr. George Mighion focuses on preventative care wherever possible. The best way to keep a smile for a lifetime is good oral care and regular dental check-ups. Beyond white and healthy teeth, healthy gums are equally as important. The connection between oral and systemic health is strong. Not only do your gums support your teeth but gum health is directly linked to overall health.

Untreated gum disease is dangerous in terms of putting you at risk for tooth loss and discomfort but it’s also important due to the many systemic links to periodontal disease, including heart disease, stroke, chronic respiratory infections, bone health, diabetes, and pregnancy complications. Gum disease is even linked to several types of Cancer.

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Don’t Put Yourself at Unnecessary Risk for Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke

Those who are at risk for heart attack and stroke need to pay extra attention to their gum health. And if you’ve already had a stroke or heart disease diagnosis, it’s wise to talk to your dentist about extra precaution.

Bleeding gums, gum sores, or other changes to your gums should all be investigated by your dentist. The sooner you deal with signs of periodontal disease, the better the prognosis.


Gum disease can put you at risk for developing periodontal disease. And on the reverse side of the coin, those with diabetes could have trouble controlling blood sugar levels if they have untreated periodontal disease.

Pregnancy complications, risk of certain cancers, chronic respiratory infections, ulcers, and osteoporosis are also connected to periodontal disease.

Book a Gum Assessment With Dr. Mighion in Mishawaka

Regular dental exams can help Dr. Mighion stop gum disease before it takes hold. If you already have it, non-surgical periodontal treatments could eradicate bacteria and stop this infection from progressing. Don’t let gum disease destroy your teeth and your health. We can help.

Call us at 574-256-1579 to book a gum assessment and if you have had a recent diagnosis or major change in your health, be sure to talk to us about it so that we can tailor your dental treatments accordingly.