Ozone Therapy

Dental Ozone Therapy Now Available in Mishawaka, IN

Ozone Therapy is a rising star in the world of both preventative and restorative dentistry and it is one of the many modern dental technology areas we have invested in here at Dr. Mighion’s Mishawaka, Indiana family and cosmetic dentistry practice. Ozone dentistry is making oral infection control much easier for dentists and their patients. It has been determined that Ozone Therapy has some amazing uses and as research continues, exciting news continues to point toward new uses for this incredibly effective technology in dentistry.
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What Is Ozone Therapy?

Ozone Therapy uses technology to leverage O3 in a variety of ways, including offering significant benefits in the area of fighting bacteria. Oxygen treatment that can help you both preventatively as well as reactively in the fight against tooth decay and periodontal (gum) disease. It is increasingly used in other ways, as well, including skin care, in veterinary medicine, to enhance the immune system response, and more.

Ozone Therapy to Help Your Oral Health (H2)

One of the most important uses for Ozone Therapy in dentistry is that it can eradicate bacteria, stopping oral infections from spreading like wildfire through the teeth and in gum pockets.

Dr. Mighion would be happy to talk to you about how O3 dentistry (Ozone Therapy in Dentistry) can help you in the fight against tooth decay, against destructive oral bacteria that could be harming your periodontal health (which is something that extends to your overall health), and even tooth sensitivity and TMJ disorder.

Dr. George A. Mighion, Mishawaka Cosmetic Dentist

Ozone, used in a rinse or oil can also assist with the teeth whitening and remineralization processes, plus with canker sores. In our Mishawaka dental office we can use it in lieu of fillings when early signs of tooth decay are present, eliminating the need to drill in many cases. It is also being used increasingly in during root canal therapy as well as to help promote faster healing after dental surgery.

Ozone therapy in dentistry has been determined to be not only safe but also to be highly effective while being minimally invasive and enabling our team to provide you with even more options for comfortable, effective, and gentle dentistry.