Gentle Wisdom Teeth Removal in Mishawaka, Indiana

While no one really relishes the idea of having a tooth or multiple teeth pulled, there are times, such as with wisdom teeth, where it can be necessary. At Dr. George Mighion’s Mishawaka, Indiana dental office, gentle dentistry is our priority. We strive to make every appointment anxiety-free while also striving to make our patients as comfortable as possible in the dentist’s chair.

Why We Sometimes Remove Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth can cause crowding in the mouth, can become impacted, and /or decay quickly. They may not come fully in, leaving a gum flap where food can decay and bacteria can breed.

Before wisdom tooth extraction, many are given a course of antibiotics to ensure they have no active oral infection.  Local anesthetic is often all that is required prior to wisdom tooth extractions but those who are concerned about anxiety or stress may opt for sedation dentistry to help them feel at ease during their appointment.

Dr. Mighion and his dental assistant will offer you information for care after wisdom teeth are extracted. Various factors will determine recovery time. Some people recover quickly and easily with little discomfort and others do have post-operative swelling and pain for a few days.

Why Choose Dr. Mighion in Mishawaka as Your Family Dentist?

Dr. Mighion get great reviews as a gentle Mishawaka family dentist who cares about patient comfort. We offer preventative dentistry, restorative and cosmetic dentistry, and do all we can to help you smile proudly. If you need help with wisdom teeth or another dental issue, please don’t hesitate to call our Mishawaka, Indiana dental office at 574.216.4064.